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Foggy Morning

Bass anglers slowly idling out under foggy conditions at the start of a fishing tournament.

© Brian Sak

Pacifica Municipal Pier

Fishermen line the far end of Pacifica Municipal Pier at sunset hoping for one final bite before heding home.

© Brian Sak

Local Fisherman

Local fishermen catch baitfish early, then sit just offshore near La Paz where

sport anglers can find them to purchase scoops of live bait for the day.

© Brian Sak

Cool Mornings

Two fishermen in a bass boat casting for largemouth along a tule lined bank on the California Delta during a cold morning.

© Brian Sak

Casting in the Surf

A lone fisherman wearing waders makes a long cast in the surf near Half Moon Bay as ocean waves break all around him.

© Brian Sak

Outdoor writer and photographer Brian Sak specializes in fishing-related writing and wildlife, landscape, travel and fishing photography.

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