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Catching Air

Kiteboarders out on the California Delta were showing their moves and catching air as they competed for top dog during a recent competition.

© Brian Sak

Marsh Daisy Rooster

The Marsh Daisy is an ornamental chicken breed who's males have striking colors.

© Brian Sak

Surfer Riding a Wave

A surfer pops over the top of a breaking wave offshore of Pacific Beach, near Crystal Pier, in San Diego, California.

© Brian Sak

Outdoor writer and photographer Brian Sak specializes in fishing-related writing and wildlife, landscape, travel and fishing photography.

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Gaslamp Archway

The iconic Gaslamp Archway welcomes Gaslamp Quarter visitors to San Diego's finest restaurants, theaters, art galleries, museums and nightclubs.

© Brian Sak

Polish Dancers

The Polish dance group Zespół Pieśni i Tańca Polanie, from Bridgeport,

Connecticut, performs at a Polish Street Festival in Martinez, California.

© Brian Sak


Three vaqueros (cowboys) out for a relaxing Sunday afternoon ride near an orchard in Brentwood, California.

© Brian Sak

Beach Riding

Galloping down the beach at Morro Bay, California.

© Brian Sak

Chinese Dragon Head

There is a significant and important Chinese population in San Francisco and annual colorful celebrations tied to Chinese New Year

are fun for both residents and visitors. This large dragon head was part of a display set up on the common in front of City Hall.

© Brian Sak