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Brentwood Cornfield

One of many cornfields in Brentwood, California, known as the corn capital of the West. This particular crop is almost ready to harvest.

© Brian Sak

Petco Park

Petco Park, home of Major League Baseball's San Diego Padres, in downtown San Diego, California.

© Brian Sak

Local Fisherman

Local fishermen catch baitfish early, then sit just offshore near La Paz where sport anglers can find them to purchase scoops of live bait for the day.

© Brian Sak

Outdoor writer and photographer Brian Sak specializes in fishing-related writing and wildlife, landscape, travel and fishing photography.

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Ominous Day

The placid waters of the California Delta near Frank's Trct and a still sailboat on Piper Slough

deceptively indicate calm, while the dark threatening clouds of ana ominous sky signal a brewing storm.

© Brian Sak

San Diego Twilight

View of downtown San Diego's skyline, and the city's sky scrapers with lights turned on, from across the bay on Coronado at twilight.

© Brian Sak

Golden Gate Bridge on Story Day

The sun shines through a single hole in an ominous sky, lighting the orange girders

of the Golden Gate Bridge, as gentle waves brush against China Beach sands.

© Brian Sak

Catching Air

Kiteboarders out on the California Delta were showing their moves and catching air as they competed for top dog during a recent competition.

© Brian Sak

Isolated Beach

A beautiful woman wading out into the warm turquoise waters on an isolated Isla Espíritu Santo beach.

© Brian Sak

Delta Farmland

A tilled field in the heart of the California Delta, just outside of Brentwood, at sunset with Mount Diablo in the background.

© Brian Sak

Mission Basilica San Diego

A sculpture of Franciscan friar Junípero Serra y Ferrer stands by a large wooden cross

welcoming parishioners and sightseers visiting Mission Basilica San Diego de Alcalá.

© Brian Sak