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Cautious Bobcat Walking

Wild adult bobcat walking with caution through a meadow at Sunol Regional Park in northern California.

© Brian Sak

Great Egret

The white plumage of a great egret soaring over the water's of San Pablo Bay, California near Pinole's Bayfront Park look silky smooth.

© Brian Sak

Curious Ground Squirrel

An inquisitive California ground squirrel peers over a log with caution at Sunol Regional Park.

© Brian Sak

California Kingsnake

This California kingsnake is in a defensive position and ready to strike as it uses its forked tongue to smell for danger.

© Brian Sak

4 Stroke Pelican

A hungry brown pelican balances on an outboard motor in hopes of a free meal from a fisherman.

© Brian Sak

Sea Lion Pair

Two California sea lions cross paths while a third relaxes on the rocks at Los Islotes near Isla Espíritu Santo.

© Brian Sak

Grizzly Bear Close-Up

This large captive grizzly bear rests on a cool rock during the heat of summer.

© Brian Sak

Juvenile Grey Fox

One of three from a recent liter of Grey Fox soaking up the warmth of the sun while resting in dry grass near Sunol, California. Although mostly nocturnal, it's not uncommon to see juvenile fox out during the day. This is the only member of the dog family that has the ability to climb trees.

© Brian Sak

Northern Harrier

A Marsh Hawk cruising the uplands in search of food at Wilder Ranch State Park near Santa Cruz, California.

© Brian Sak

Honey Bee

A Western honey bee getting ready to pollinate this blooming milk thistle as it approaches the purple flower.

© Brian Sak

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