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Cautious Bobcat Walking

Wild adult bobcat walking with caution through a meadow at Sunol Regional Park in northern California.

© Brian Sak

Great Egret

The white plumage of a great egret soaring over the water's of San Pablo Bay, California near Pinole's Bayfront Park look silky smooth.

© Brian Sak

Curious Ground Squirrel

An inquisitive California ground squirrel peers over a log with caution at Sunol Regional Park.

© Brian Sak

California Kingsnake

This California kingsnake is in a defensive position and ready to strike as it uses its forked tongue to smell for danger.

© Brian Sak

4 Stroke Pelican

A hungry brown pelican balances on an outboard motor in hopes of a free meal from a fisherman.

© Brian Sak

Sea Lion Pair

Two California sea lions cross paths while a third relaxes on the rocks at Los Islotes near Isla Espíritu Santo.

© Brian Sak

Grizzly Bear Close-Up

This large captive grizzly bear rests on a cool rock during the heat of summer.

© Brian Sak

Gobble Gobble

A pair of male wild turkey strut their stuff in search of mates near Sunol, California.

© Brian Sak

Marbled Godwit

A marbled godwit on a dried mudflat at Hayward Regional Shoreline.

© Brian Sak

Variable Checkerspot Caterpillar

This ominous looking caterpillar was feeding on vegetation next to the Old Briones Road Trail at Briones Regional Park.

© Brian Sak

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