Outdoor writer and photographer Brian Sak specializes in fishing-related writing and wildlife, landscape, travel and fishing photography.

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Wildlife Gallery

A collection of wildlife images that includes insects, birds, amphibians, reptiles and mammals. The photos are of both native and non-native fauna found throughout the regions where photographed.

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Landscape Gallery

This set includes a variety of scenic photos that range from concrete and steel cityscapes to surreal mountain vistas. Many include water in the form of streams, lakes, bays and oceans as central elements.

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Royalty Free (RF) Stock

A collection of fishing, travel, wildlife, landscape and other miscellaneous photos available for either personal or commercial use. All RF stock photos are offered as digital downloads.

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RF Collection

Fishing Gallery

This group of photographs captures the essence of one of the most popular outdoor sports. It covers both fresh and saltwater fishing. Recreational and the commercial industry are included.

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Wildflower Gallery

A collection of wildflower images that embraces much of the color pallet. The gallery includes shots that range from macro to landscape. The photos are of both native, non-native and invasive flowers.

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Miscellaneous Gallery

This is the catchall set that includes photos that don't fit into the other galleries. Included are cultural, industrial, transportation, people, sports, macro and abstract pictures to name just some of the categories.

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Travel Galleries

This category includes destination- specific galleries of some of the places that I've visited. Within each gallery are images that depict the spirit of the location. The goal of these galleries is to get you to go!

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Order Photo Prints

All gallery photos are available as prints. And most are offered in a variety of sizes. Prints are made on Kodak Metallic, E-Surface Color, or True Digital B&W paper. Mounting and framing are also available.

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Photographic Services

Services include photo shoots for anglers, resorts, manufactuerers, publishers and others. We work closely with clients to ensure that you get exactly what you're looking for. Contact us for details.

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Example Photos

Planes Trains & Boats Gallery

Included here are transportation pictures featuring aircraft, railroads and nautical vessels. There are also images of relted infrastructre (buildings, signs, etc.).

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