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June 2017

Road Trip

Take a Pacific Coast highway adventure from San Francisco to Santa Barbara.

California Coast

Read about a fun-filled trip starting at the Golden Gate Bridge and ending in Santa Barbara wine country with 6 adventurous stops in the middle.
Presented by Go RVing and published by the Outdoor Sportsman Group, the article includes gear guide, cooking and how to pages.
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Fishing Fact

Freshwater bass didn't inhabit waters west of the Rocky Mountains until the late 1800's. Each of the four species found today were initially introduced in California. Records indicate that smallmouth, largemouth, spotted and redeye bass made their first appearances in 1874, 1879, 1933 and 1953, respectively. Bass now inhabit most of the West and are considered the number-one warmwater gamefish in many states.

Photo Tip

Become intimately familiar with your camera. Too many times I've seen poor results because someone snaps a photo hurriedly, while attempting to capture a fleeting scene, with their camera settings not quite right. Or, even worse, they completely miss a shot while fumbling to adjust their settings. Once you get to know your camera and what all of the buttons do, regardless of whether you use a point-and-shoot or an SLR, you'll be able to change settings quickly and have a better chance of producing great images when opportunities pop up.

Featured Apparel Design

The Fishin' In The USA graphic features the american flag emblazoned on a trophy largemouth bass. It's the perfect design for anglers who are proud to be fishing in the United States. Available on men's, woman's and children's t-shirts in a variety of colors and sizes.

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