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July 2017

Bug Off

The non-stop bombardment of flying insects that refuse to leave you alone during summer can be frustrating. But bass anglers can turn the unpleasant situation in their favor by casting lures that look like the irritating bugs.

Fishing Insect Bass Baits

Read about often overlooked but productive lures for catching largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass during the dog days of summer.
Published by Bassmaster, the article includes a history of bug baits and a list of more recent insect imitations (some are no longer available).
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Fishing Fact

Many anglers consider trout exceptionally "smart" fish that can be difficult to catch due to their wits. The truth is that they are no more intelligent than catfish, bass or any other species. The real difference between trout and other game fish is the way in which they use their senses. And their remarkable ability to react to, and learn from, the stimuli they see, hear, feel and smell. With their actions based on instinct, not brainpower.

Photo Tip

Use a tripod if at all possible. There are certainly instances when using a tripod is impractical, and there are times when using one will simply not work. In many cases, however, using a tripod is just a matter of not being lazy. Most of us tend to avoid the hassle unless taking landscape pictures, especially under reduced lighting conditions. But using tripods for any type of photography, even with shutter speeds fast enough to handhold your camera, will just about guarantee tack-sharp images.

Featured Print

The Isolated Beach print celebrates the start of summer. The photograph features a beautiful woman waist deep in Baja's famed turquoise waters. The print is available on E-Surface or Metallic paper in four sizes. Several mounting and framing options are also offered.

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