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October 2017

Remembering Bubba

The bass fishing world recently lost one of the good ones.

A Part of the Family

Read this wonderful tribute to Inside Line's first editor Jerry "Bubba" Puckett who recently passed away. Following a beautiful introduction by
Heidi Roth (the current editor), several members of the outdoor media and anglers write about the significance of this sad loss.
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Fishing Fact

Everyone knows that fish use their fins to swim. But you'll learn a lot more than that by taking a closer look. The bass caudal (tail) fin, for example, is broad and slightly indented with relatively equal sized lobes. That design is ideal for short rapid bursts of speed and a great asset when feeding. A 20-inch bass can accelerate to almost 12-miles-per-hour. That's about five times faster than the average crankbait retrieval speed.

Photo Tip

Tell a tale. Taking photos in the digital age is easy. Taking pictures that convey a story is more difficult. There are lots of ways to add information to a photo. And they range from subtle to direct. Think about the best ways to emphasize the reason(s) you're taking a picture (or series of pictures) every time you point your camera at someone or something. A photo of a fisherman holding his catch is a good example – would the viewer have a better understanding of what went on when looking at an image of the person holding only the fish or a photo of the angler holding a bass with a wacky-rigged Senko hanging from its mouth?

Featured Apparel Design

Remember the "Beef, It's What's for Dinner" slogan? Well, there are other things to eat too – although ranchers may not admit it. The Cowboys Eat Fish Too! graphic features a wrangler riding a salmon while trying to rope a smaller fish. The design is intended to promote conservation and healthy eating. Available on men's, woman's and children's t-shirts in a variety of colors and sizes.

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