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February 2018

Great Egret

Massive, graceful and majestic are just a few words worthy
of describing this unique yet common bird. Learn how to
identify it and about some of its traits with this Wildlife Tidbit.

Ardea alba Species Profile

Know by names that include Common Egret, Great White Heron and American Egret, this large bird can be found in wetlands, rivers, marshes and open fields. They can be as tall as 3-1/4 feet, with wing-.
spans reaching 7 feet tip-to-tip. They typically feed on frogs, fishes and crayfish in shallow waters or small mammals and insects in meadows. Great Egret form breeding colonies, nesting in the tops of tall trees.
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Fishing Fact

Confidence in the lures or baits tied to the end of your line plays a large role in your success when on the water. And the key to any go-to offering is having faith that they will, regardless of the conditions, catch fish. Go-to lures and baits also stand the test of time. Every angler has their own collection of favorites, but here are the ones that came out on top during a survey of western bass pros: #1 Spinnerbaits, #2 Weightless Plastics, #3 Dartheads, #4 Lipless Crankbaits and #5 The Jig-n-Pig.

Photo Tip

Invest in a circular polarizing filter. Light from the sky, reflections and glare all contain a polarized component that can reduce the saturation of some colors and compromise the clarity of photos. Polarizing filters are designed to reduce these effects, making your images sharper with deeper tones. And it's a benefit that can't be duplicated later on a computer. Polarizing filters are at their best outdoors, where they darken blue skies, enhance green foliage and remove glare from water. The key to great results is taking pictures at as close to 90 degrees from the light source as possible.

Featured Apparel Design

Tournament bass fishing season is gearing up this month and our Sponsor Me clothing lets companies know you're willing to wear their brand. The front and back graphics feature back-to-back fishermen with one holding a rod and the other a microphone, letting potential sponsors know that you're both an angler and public speaker. Available on t-shirts, hoodies and zippered sweatshirts in a variety of colors and sizes.

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