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March 2018

Subtlety With Swimbaits

SWIMBAIT: N. An oversized fish look-alike requiring extra-heavy gear
that results in sore arms and shoulder's by day's end. 

Finessing Big Baits

To take full advantage of the trophy bass-catching capabilities of swimbaits, it's necessary to stick to the ovesized models. The key to success when fish are not being assertive, however, is employing somewhat of a subtle presentation.
Slowing down is the most effective technique Velvick utilizes when force-feeding big swimbaits to stubborn largemouth. And as part of his unhurried method, he stresses the importance of doing something different by simply...
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Fishing Fact

Fish imitating baits like the Heddon Prowler, Rapala floating minnow and Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap have been catching freshwater bass for many years. The currently popular swimbaits are a more recent arrival on the fishing scene. The original swimbaits, developed in the late 1980's in Southern California, were large trout-imitating lures meant to fool big largemouths and stripers feeding on stocked rainbows. Today, there are lots of swimbait designs and patterns available.

Photo Tip

Avoid the easy shots. Snapping photos from where you happen to be standing can result in good images. But those pictures will also be the same ones that everyone else takes. That may be acceptable if your goal is to duplicate iconic shots at well-known landmarks like Yosemite National Park, the Lincoln Memorial or the Egyptian pyramids. For everything else it may be better to expend a small amount of effort to get into a unique position – by doing so you'll often turn ordinary photos in distinctive masterpieces.

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The Delta Farmland print features a Brentwood, California cornfield tilled and ready for spring. The photograph's background includes an early evening sun setting behind Mt. Diable. The print is available on E-Surface or Metallic paper in four sizes with a variety of mounting and framing options offered. The print is also available on canvas in two sizes.

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